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Why I’m Running


This is the most interesting period time in our City's history.  The City faces challenges due to the high debt burden of $128 Million total debt incurred of “Forward” means a city government as innovative as the leading businesses and organizations today.  City government should think digital dramatically more than we do now to save money, save time, and improve services for citizens.  There's no reason why using government services online shouldn't be as easy and intuitive as social media, online banking, or online retail. 


“Forward” means our community staying safe and preserving the sense of community which is unique in Northern Virginia.


“Forward” means smart economic policies to bring businesses, provide for local jobs, and the growth of a business tax base that can fund better city services.  How do you compete for businesses in a competitive environment like Northern Virginia? The answer is simple: You have to be better at something than others. So, localities now have to address a basic question, one that businesses must answer daily. That question is what is our unique value proposition? The answer is: "we are a safe and livable city that is focused on the wellness of our citizens - families, individuals, and children. Close proximity to D.C. and transportation options of Rt. 66 and the VRE. And we have a great community." With policies to support our communty along with tax incentives for businesses and marketing, we can bring businesses. 


"Forward" also means improving transportation on Rt. 28 and working for a parking garage at the Manassas Park VRE station.


“Forward” means continuing to improve our schools.


“Forward” means engaging with our neighborhoods in new ways – ensuring that every voice is heard, informing citizens, and leveraging the good ideas and energy of our community members.


“Forward” means being fiscally responsible so that we can deliver quality services that our residents deserve, preventing wasteful spending, and particularly reducing the water and sewer rates.


I know Manassas Park can go forward – making us safer, supporting our local economy, and making all us as proud of our city.


Manassas Park is a great city – whose best days is ahead. Manassas Park can also provide the best city government, the most innovative policies, and the very best quality of life for our residents.


Please join me – so we can keep Manassas Park moving forward.


Paid and authorized by Preston Banks

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